“SME – 1 Highest financial rating by CRISIL;
Highest credit worthiness amongst all SME’s of India”
Refinery & Petrochemical

Monachem started its journey of doing business with Refinery and Petrochemical Industry of India in late 1970's.  We continuously added value by supplying a wide range of speciality chemicals and services to the Refinery and Petrochemical Industries through a well-developed network of international principals.

Our team of experienced and skilled staff understand customer need and offers unique value solutions to technical problems. Monachem has proven track record for selling speciality products and ability of handling complex tender businesses for public sector companies. We are well aware of complete process for MOEF – The Ministry of Environment & Forests approval and state pollution control board for required permission in India for handling spent catalyst. Monachem is now expanding business with refinery & petrochemical customers outside India.


  • Activated Alumina
  • Zinc Stearate
  • SRU Catalyst
  • Synthetic Hydrotalcite
  • Activated Bauxite
  • 2-EHN (Cetane Improver)
  • Calcium Stearate
  • Zinc Oxide

Key Differentiators/Strengths of Refinery & Petrochemical Business Unit :

  • One stop shop providing a wide range of 35+ speciality chemicals to Refinery & Petrochemical applications.
  • Qualified techno-commercial team with a combined experience of 100+ years, helping customers innovate new products and solutions.
  • Product offerings of high performance and excellent consistency from world's top 5 manufacturers for that product.

SRU Catalyst

  • Titania Claus Catalyst
  • Claus Catalyst (Standard – High Surface Area & Porosity)
  • Claus Catalyst (Promoted)
  • Active Bed Support

Activated Bauxite

  • Lubrication Oil & Wax Purification
  • HCN Destruction Catalyst


  • Spent Catalyst Acquisition & Resale
  • Spent Catalyst Regeneration / Rejuvenation
  • Catalyst Presulfurization
  • Length Grading
  • Density Grading

Activated Alumina

  • Chloride Guard Adsorbent
  • Sulfur Guard Adsorbent
  • Purification Adsorbent for H2S, COS, CO2, Oxygenates, Mercaptan, Arsine, Mercury etc. removal
  • Desiccants – Moisture Removal Adsorbent
  • Inert High Alumina Bed Support
  • speciality Products
  • COS Hydrolysis Catalyst
  • H2O2 Process Alumina
  • HDPE Purification Alumina
  • Catalyst Substrates
  • Flash Calcined, Rehydratable Alumina