“SME – 1 Highest financial rating by CRISIL;
Highest credit worthiness amongst all SME’s of India”

At Monachem, our mission for our employees is "to give our employees a combination of an overall growth and positive environment". Our management and senior leadership's firm thinking is to grow together.  Hence besides the financial growth for our employees, we offer various other trainings at Monachem which develops our team in their professional as well as personal lives. Also based on company's future growth plans, we integrate our employee's career path in advance through open discussions, creating an environment of giving powers to employees for their growth.

Maintaining and creating a health positive environment in our office defines our working culture at Monachem. We are a team of 40 plus at Monachem, believe in working with open and transparent communications with team work. We believe that team work leads to everybody's growth and not just individual growth. Relationship between all levels of employees is based on respect, integrity and ethics. Healthy working environment & positive attitude builds ownership, responsibility and result orientation at our company.

A blend of family values combined with professional approach towards business is a culture we are proud of at Monachem. We are always looking for team members who can be a part of our exciting vision which is to become a preferred and strategic global channel partner offering sales, marketing, sourcing, distribution and contract manufacturing solutions and services of speciality chemicals. We welcome you to share your resume & credentials with our Human Resources Team and explore being a part of our family.

Post your resume at : hr@monachem.com