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About Us

About Monachem

"Monachem is a global speciality chemicals company, with its global headquarters in India, offering services of sales, marketing, sourcing, distribution & contract manufacturing since 1974."

Services for Monachem Global Customers - Monachem offer its global customers services of sourcing and supply of speciality chemicals through representation of reputed manufacturers and contract manufacturing backed by complete technical & logistics support.

Services for Monachem Global Suppliers - Monachem offer its suppliers, who are manufacturers of speciality chemicals, services of entry to the market like market research, sales, marketing and distribution through a strategic well defined positioning & segmentation approach.


Understanding the strength of our country in the cost effective production of Flavours and Fragrance ingredients, a new vertical was launched in 2014 to cater to the Global market for these products


With a Vision to go Global the Sourcing and Export Divisions were started in 2012.

  • The model was to leverage overseas contacts and support their requirements through sourcing from India.

Major Principal Sachtleben with a wide range of products, including specialities, was added in 2007 as one of the Principals to expand the Basket of Products for the plastic Industry.


In 2005 the division of Thermoset/Composites was started by taking on the agency of Wacker for Fumed Silica and LPA.


In 2004 a new vertical, with a view to develop a presence in the Pharma Industry, was started by bringing in Clariant Chemicals with it's wide range of PEGs to address the Regulated market in Pharma.


In 2003 , Shamik Shah a Chemical Engineer from MIT Pune , son of the Founder Mr Dilip Shah returned from the USA after completing his MBA in International Business and Finance and joined the business.


In 1999 a new Principal in the form of Porocel USA was added to address requirements related to Alumina based special catalysts for the petro and Refinery Industries.


Based on the continuous interaction and strong relationship with IPCL three new Principals were added as follows:

  • ECKA Eurochem- A French based company specialized in the field of Magnesium Powder in 1993-1994
  • FACI- A leading Italian company in the field of metallic Stearates in the year 1995-1996
  • PCC chemax- A research oriented company in the US into specialized chemistries and handling of Amines.

Continuing onwards in the field of speciality Chemicals M/S Tessenderlo and M/S Lida Exports were the new Principals added in 1995-1996 for specialized catalysts for the Hydrogen Peroxide plants in India.

1995 - 1996

Based on the requirement of the customers, to create a Pan Indian market with the support of the Principals Stock and Sale activity was started in 1994-95 to cater to smaller customer needs.

  • The godown was started at Baroda and LCL quantities were imported for this activity.
1994 - 1995

Mitsui & Co - Trading company from Japan was the next major Principal on Board in 1993 – 1994.

  • Their specialization was for Catalysts and Co catalysts for the Petrochemical plants.
1993 -1994

First breakthrough towards speciality Chemicals started in FY 1990-1991 with AO business with the first principal being Enichem, Italy.

  • The first Business was started with IPCL in the Petrochemical field.
  • The nature of Business was Indenting.

Chemieshe Werke – GMBH subsequently called Lowi GMBH {Polymer stabilizer} was the next Principal on board for Lowi series UV Stabilzer Business.

  • Subsequently both the above companies merged into one entity called Great Lakes Chemicals.
  • Over the years there were further changes and today they operate as Chemtura and Great Lakes for their AO,UV and Flame Retardants businesses.
1990 - 1991

Business operations effectively started from 1978 in the area of Instrumentation, Solvents and Bulk chemicals retailing.


Company – Monachem Corporation registered on 8th Jan 1974.It was a Proprietory company founded by Mr Dilip Shah.